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I am 15 years old and live in New York. I have an older brother named Tim and a dog named Delphine.

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My Friends

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  • I love making new friends!!!
  • As a homeschooled teenager sometimes it is hard for me to find new friends.
  • It used to be a lot easier but now there is COVID-19.
  • Also teenagers don't always like going to Homeschool groups, LOL.

My Motto

Nobody gets to tell you who you can be except for you (and maybe your Grandma).

Gabriella Braithwaite - 15 years old.

About Gabi

Hello Kitty


Likes: theatre, baseball, sim gaming, writing, watermelon, bunnies

Dislikes: parents spreading fake news on Facebook, violence, hate, bullies, pineapples

My Family

  • Mom - Kristi
  • Dad - John
  • Brother - Timothy "Tim"
  • Dog - Delphine
  • Grandma - Betsy

What People Say About Me

She is very annoying, but I still love her because I have to.

Timothy Braithwaite - 17 years old

My Stuff


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Welcome to my site!!!

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Schnauzers Rule


My Adoptables

I have either adopted these or I made them (the dolls). Nothing yet sorry tho

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