The Quiz

1. Your favorite fairy food is
cotton candy/fairy floss
angel hair pasta (spaghetti)
pixie stix

2. In magic class, you'd rather learn how to
make your specialist crush fall in love with you
turn the Trix good
become a pop star
heal animals
levitate objects with your mind

3. You really think you could win a battle against
Darcy. She's so naïve, she wouldn't even see it coming.
anyone, as long as your friends are with you
Selina. You can relate to her, which gives you an in.
The Shadow Phoenix. You're ready to take on the challenge.
Tritannus. You won't let anyone destroy nature!

4. You wouldn't be caught dead without your
favorite magazine
best friend by your side
handheld console

5. When something really amuses you, you react with
a big, appreciative laugh
a laugh, but not a loud one
a quiet chuckle
a sheepish smile

6. You'd definitely get detention for
gossiping about Griselda
"accidentally" turning Palladium into a frog
make the quietest entrance, trying to stay unnoticed

7.You're late for class, but you're not supposed to use your magic for frivilous things. You decide to

fly all of the way there
use your magic anyway
walk, but fly some of the way as you get closer

8. Your fairy power would be from
the moon
whatever my destiny says it is

9. Before you go to bed, you always
listen to some music
play one last video game
text your friends the latest gossip
say goodnight to your stuffed animals
change your mind and pull an all nighter instead

10. You often dream that you are

fighting or struggling
searching for something or somebody
flying or floating
you usually have dreamless sleep
your dreams are always pleasant.